Silgraf silicone based ink


Silgraf is neither a water- based, nor a plastisol ink. Silgraf is a new ink for textile applications based on silicone polymers developped in Grafco with innovative characteristics. Once printed and oven polymerized the product appears extremely bright and at the same time it is very elastic and soft. The chemical  characteristics of the product prevent that a SILGRAF print can take over some residual traces during the heat press process of metal foil application or flock application  It also endures very high temperatures (upper than 350° C ) without catching fire.
The best and interesting results are achieved by applying this product thickly. Its printing behavior is quite similar to a plastisol and there is the possibility of an intermediate drying.
The Silgraf has been developed to fully comply with the limits required by the Oekotex 100  regulations.

The special softness and rubber touch of this line of ink absolutely not sticky and with very good rub fastness, is used to satisfy the requests of Anti-slip printing  in underwear printing application and tights