Avantex Plastisol Phthalate free

An innovative opaque plastisol line with a pleasant soft touch and matt finish.


It is an Oekotex-compliant plastisol inks range of 12 colors, designed by Grafco  for T-shirt printing with manual and automatic carousel machinery. All the colors of the Avantex line  show a excellent opacity even if are printed directly on dark garment. .More ,Avantex  has a particular soft and smooth touch, developed to achieve exceptional visual and wearability results in the coloured and dark fabrics printing.The printed and cured Avantex show a particular matt/satin finish with a silky appearance designed for the fashion industry requests. High drying speed under IR drying unit of all colours. Right from the pot it has excellent softness, with good ink workability and printability.


It is a ready to use line of 12 colors phthalate free plastisol designed for an easy heat transfer production. These products show a very optimized curing properties in production and during the heat press transfer action they show high opacity, high flexibility and perfect fusion properties. Avantex series 112  are designed for an use together with the special transfer paper TA130  available in Grafco.


It is two-thermo-adhesives, Avantex 100 white and Avantex 100 clear base, specific for Transfer applications. These products are used as a last step after printing of the Avantex series 112  colours on the TA130 Grafco suggested paper for obtaining high quality Plastisol transfer foils. These thermo-adhesives ensure top quality adhesion, flexibility and washing fastness.