Newtex water based opaque bases

We designed a range of water based opaque bases for screen printing on cotton fabrics and colored T-shirts for an excellent color result and opacity on dark grounds.These products have been developed to be employed with Carousel screen printing machines from intermediate drying, granting an excellent printability in the screen and keeping at the same time the printability characteristics unaltered. These opaque bases allow exceptional chromatic brilliance without any whitening or coulour change. All the Newtex water based opaque bases need a 8% pigment of the Cromatex HD 10 series before use.We recommend not to exceed the recommended pigmentation, please refer to the relevant technical sheet.

Among the our water based opaque bases there are:

Newtex opaque base 299

It’s the water based opaque base that allows the most shining shades on dark grounds but it is the least elastic one among Grafco’s opaque bases.

Newtex opaque base 499

This opaque base is a good medium between brilliance and elasticity. 

Newtex opaque base 522

This opaque base has been designed to get very soft touch prints and at the same time a very good elasticity on cotton and ribs.

Newtex opaque base 710

Opaque base from high eleasticity and shape memory recommended for the print of Lycra fabrics and Lycra/cotton blend.