Newtex soft hand water based clears

Newtex Soft 

The Newtex soft is a water based clear ink to be pigmented with a 3% or 4% of Cromatex pigments HD10 and is developped to be used in production with mesh up til 62 /cm. The finished item, when printed with this ink, is very bright, very soft and very washing resistant. The items printed with this product show no  variations after the washing tests without fading or losing color. 

Newtex soft hand clear HD9

The HD series is a water based product specifically developed to be used on screens stretched with mesh  up til 130 mesh/cm on  white or  Light coloured  fabrics or to use on opaque backprint pre-dryed. HD means High Definition screen print, it is a new technology developed by Grafco together with  Grafco AST, a Company specialized in graphic software and preprint (see ). T   hese soft hand clears offer great printability and perform well on the screen also in summertime and allow the print of very thin traits or halftones  in carousel screen printing machines with a perfect color result and excellent final washing solidity.

Newtex soft hand clear HD10

The Newtex water based clear HD10 for screen print  is similar to HD9 but it has an matter finishing and dries faster in the drying unit for the application in the screen print carousel machine up to 12 colors. This product is recommended for applications over pre-dried backprint  made with on of the several whites or one of the special high solid opaque water based bases available in the Newtex range of  Grafco.

Newtex soft hand clear HD11

The water based Newtex transparent HD11 is specific for the print of halftones on cotton fabrics using screens with a really highnumber of mesh up til 150 in order to reproduce photo quality or digital printing quality with screen printing on cotton.


The employment of this hi-tech water based ink combined with the innovative technologies of color separation and RIP processing developped by Grafco AST (see gets such a print quality in the textile screen printing  that it is often very close to the prints made by the newest digital ink-jet pigment textile printers and it is even quite difficult to see the difference from them.