Newtex One

This ready to use water based screen print ink is available in 14 shades with high opacity even on really dark fabrics.

This product appear very creamy and doughy. It has been developed for the screen print of dark and colored fabrics with one or more-colors hand devices Carousel or with semi-automatic ones. 

It is a room temperature self-crosslinking water based opaque and flexible ink. Once printed it gets washing fastness through evaporation of its water part, it is therefore very easy for little production runs like the promo T-shirts or those for some special events without using the traditional crosslinkers that cause unused ink waste. Upon formulating this ink we focused on reliability,opacity  coprenza and employment safety. Newtex One is in fact not only easy to use but it is also perfect for any first approach to screen printing, getting anyhow professional results with little investment and equipment. 


inchiostro a freddo per la stampa di tshirt