Newtex expanding relief effect

rigonfiante puff tshirt

This range is made of different white or water based opaque bases which can be pigmented with the Cromatex HD10 line of concentrated pigments  to get some 3D effects through a expanding or swelling process of this ink in the oven. The Newtex EXP has a good adhesion also on differen fabric compositions. This effect is also called expanding effect "Embroidery like ink" or PUFF Effect ink .


This is a water based ink complying to Oekotex class I standards. It is available in 2 versions:
Newtex EXP-02 neutral basis and Newtex EXP-02 white. Both can be coloured with the Cromatex HD 10 pigments and will get the swelling effect only after staying in oven for some minutes at 140° C. It is very important to evenly deporre  to place  down this ink with a consistent thickness over the fabric.   In some cases a backprint dried printing backprint  is very helpful to get a swelling result with a more uniform embroidery effect.


inchiostro rigonfiante mano pesca

The Newtex EXP-FLC is a water based ink complying to Oekotex I standards that offers a particular soft touch and peach skin effect  when put in the oven at 150 ° C. This product is available only in the version Newtex EXP-FLC neutral basis.