Cromatex water based discharge EFX

Cromatex  discharge EFX

The discharge printing technology  is a cotton print system that is based on the high temperature bleaching properties of some in water soluble discharging agents. These agents work on pre-dyeing selected fabrics that are not resistant to the discharging agents  are “sensible to discharging agents “.As a matter of fact, any screen print that has just been made with water based inks on a specifically dyed cotton ground, appear not opaque  when wet. The high opacity  effect can be seen only after drying in oven at a temperature over 150 ° C, where there is a chemical reaction so that in the printed area there is a growing bleaching of the ground dye and at the same time the pigment added to the ink gets fixed.

Cromatex EFX 400

Grafco presents a new system of base for discharge printing that are formaldehyde leftovers free and are made of the following products:

Cromatex EFX 400 Opaque base

Cromatex EFX 320 Backprint white

Cromatex EFX 300 Opaque White
Cromatex EFX 300 discharging salt


Thanks to this system we get a very soft touch and high efficiency in the bleaching effect of the product so that there is no need to wash the final item. In fact, unlike other discharge printing   systems on the market, our Cromatex EFX 400 plus the Cromatex EFX 300 salt doesn’t create any leftover formaldehyde during the production process.