ZK bi-component Epoxy

zk proell

ZK  Epoxy bi-component ink

This screen print shiny inks line is made of bi-component epoxy resins and grants perfect adhesion on glass and several metals even at room temperature, meaning that the printed item has to be put on a dryer at a temperature above 18° C.
Once completely crosslinked, the screen print ink ZK Pröll ensures excellent chemical fastness and solvents resistance. After being mixed and screen printed, the 2 components (ink and crosslinker) must be left to work for a few hours at a temperature that doesn’t stop the catalysis reaction. Obviously if the printed item is exposed for a few minutes to higher temperatures like up to 100° C, we get a better reaction if compared to the reaction at room temperature.
If the material and the production process allow a higher temperature like 150° -160° C for 10-15 minutes, then the right ink is Noritemp GC.