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Pröll’s Thermo-jet screen print ink range has an exceptional adhesion on thermoplastic polymers and a mechanical fastness against external agents.
It is particularly recommended for plastic materials intended to hot forming process when an extremely glossy finishing is required together with external high fastness.
This ink is suitable both for screen printing and pad printing and is available in standard version or high opacity version for an exceptional glossy finishing.

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The Pröll Thermo-jet can be employed also for the production of membrane keyboards on polycarbonate and treated polyester.

This ink has an excellent adhesion on flexible PVC films, hard PVC, Styrofoam, ABS, SAN, PMMA (plexiglass), acrylic resins, polycarbonate, treated polyolefin, metals and varnished surfaces.To get the best adhesion, in some cases, it is recommended to use a crosslinker and/or to put in the oven.

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