Noritemp GC ®

noritemp GC screen printing ink for metals

Noritemp GC

Pröll’s bi-component screen print ink Noritemp GC, distributed in Italy by Grafco srl, belongs to the “organic” ink family. It has been developed to substitute the current ceramic inks granting perfect holding on glass and metals.
Once polymerized in oven at quite low temperature, 160° C, this product has a very shiny surface and at the same time a very strong resistance to scratches, external agents, dishwashing machine processes and several chemicals.

inchiostri serigrafici per vetro  noritemp gc

The Noritemp line grants an exceptional printability in screen print showing the best autosolvenza characteristics in automatic and semi-automatic screen print machines.
This screen print ink has a strong adhesion  on several hard materials like: aluminum, stainless steel, chromed and zinc-coated surfaces, brass, glass, ceramics, porcelain, Bakelite, Delrin, acetalic resins and surfaces varnished with epoxy powders.
Once catalyzed, the Noritemp CG lasts 8 hours.