Noripet ®


decalcomania per biciclette

The screen print range Noripet produced by the German Company Pröll and distributed  by Grafco, has been developed for the print of polyester films suitable for the IMD (In Mould Decoration) applications.

This range turned out to be quite unique for the production of polyester stickers using special thin adhesive PET films to be employed on bicycle frames or any outdoor equipment, protected by a final powder paint.
This kind of “set” application (ink + adhesive film) can be put in oven at 180°C for about 15 minutes. It is therefore essential for the hot paints.
Since the Noripet is a bicomponent, a specific catalyst is required that ensures a full crosslinking and a high temperature resistance. Moreover all the pigments have been selected for a good printability at high temperature.