Inks for imd application

IMD - in few words

IMD is resin-moulding system that has been rapidly developing recently. In a broad sense, IMD means whole insert-moulding. In a narrow sense, it means the system in which the preliminarily-printed and moulded film is insert-moulded.

The process is: screen printing of a film - preliminary-moulding - trimming - injection moulding - finished product.

As a result of a long research over the last few years, the Company Pröll has developed some screen print inks specific for the IMD decoration of plastic materials.
The IMD (In Mould Decoration) is a 3D decoration in the plastics field system of an item produced through injection moulding. This decoration is longlasting and unscratchable, it is therefore suitable for industrial employment like for decorated components for automotive and appliances.

The IMD technology is made of the following steps:

1)    Screen print of a sheet made of a thermoplastic material
2)    Hot forming of the sheet according to a shape that resembles the finished item (the hot forming process is made keeping the printed part inside)
3)    Cut out the hot formed sheet in order to get a shell in which there is the decoration
4)    Insert of the shell in the mould and injection of the plastic material so that it adheres to the decoration and gives shape to the item.
5)    Extraction of the finished item.
According to the variety of the plastics there are several solvent based inks available. Each ink range is specific for a kind of application; we suggest to contact us to find the most suitable one for your requirements.