Vinilstar HP

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The Vinilstar HP range offers the best adhesion performances  with an excellent shiny finishing on a wide range of plastic materials.
The Vinilstar is a new generation’s  solvent based screen print ink with little odour and harmfulness. It features a wide range of applications, in fact it has a good adhesion on PVC, polycarbonate, styrofoam, PMMA, plexiglass, ABS and on many varnished surfaces.
This special formula gives a good opacity also on transparent or strongly colored materials and get excellent adhesion results also on aluminium, glass and rigid surfaces, especially if used together with its HP hardener.
The Vinilstar allows after print working in hot forming process.
The Vinilstar HP range (HP=High performances) is supplied with a complete Pantone colormatching system with more than 1420 formulas.

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The Vinilstar HP has been created for exceptional opacity, printability and definition performances, both in semi-automatic or  ¾ automatic screen print machines and automatic high speed cylinder screen printing machinery.