Polifast HP

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Polifast HP

The Polifast HP is a matt screen print ink that has a perfect adherence on polypropylene and any polyolefin. Its specific matt formula makes it perfectly printable and lets it dry very fast, it is therefore recommended for alveolar materials and flat ones used for packaging like Cartonplast, Eplak and Priplak.

This screen ink is especially recommended for the poliolefine treated with corona treatment but it also works well on still to be treated material or whose treatment has expired.

The Polifast HP performs a progressive adhesion on different materials, therefore the results must be evaluated not before 24 hours when the print has dried (please refer to the technical sheet). This ink is mostly produced with a matt finishing, as it helps the drying process andinchiostro serigrafico per polipropilene alveolare makes the stacking of the plastic sheets easier for industrial applications. Usually the matt finishing is more appreciated for the promotional and industrial applications because it is very close to the polypropylene finishing which isn’t very shiny itself, this way any logos and writing are perfectly readable.

Of course we also produce the Polifast HP gloss version upon


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