Pet 10 HP

PET-10 HP is a screen printing ink specific for membrane keyboards and front panels in treated polyester and polycarbonate.

This ink series is the result of a research carried out by GRAFCO laboratory in a few years to get the "state of the art" in applications requiring maximum adhesion of the ink on polyester and polycarbonate substrates. 

The prints made with this screen printing ink, made  in several layers and with a high opacity, showed the highest resistance to mechanical stress, shear and bending during the various tests required by the specifications of the most well-known electronics companies. Moreover, the PET 10 particular formulation allows an extraordinary interfacial adhesion on the double-sided adhesive film developed for this market segment.

Among this range there are specialties such as:

PET10 Mirror: gives the polyester a clear mirror effect 

Transparent Primer PET 10 JS-110: once applied on polycarbonate or polyester and dried, this product helps get maximum adhesion and  good test performances with UV ink-jet inks that are applied on it with MIMAKI , ROLAND, MUTOH etc. UV  INK-JET printers

The PET 10 HP ink is always supplied with a colours’ formula book to ease the shades results  according to the currently required colour matching systems such as Pantone, RAL, NCS.