Nylonplus HP

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Nylonplus HP


The Nylonplus HP screen print ink has a high density and thixotropic behaviour  as it has been formulated to be employed in screen print on thick weft special

nylon sac ink

fabrics made of nylon, polyamide and polyester like those of rucksacks, sportbags, tents, sportshoes and any clothing accessories like belts, ribbons and straps.

Its specific density, or thixotropic behaviour , ensures an excellent opacity and it

ink for belt

prevents the ink being absorbed by the substratum. While the low solvent odor formula ensures perfect adhesion and flexibility on specific polyester, polyamide, Trevira and Cordura fabrics.Upon specific request we also developed some customized versions and specialties of the Nylonplus ink:

Nylonplus HD:

screen print ink specific for polypropylene bands used for sports.polypropylene strap inkSince this material is quite difficult to print as it is often non treated, we recommend to always do some tests before production.