High adhesion UV varnish UV-RAD 170/43

UV-RAD 170/43

vernice UV con effetto di leggero rilievo

The UV-Rad 170/43 is a screen printing UV varnish that has been developed for excellent adhesion, flexibility and reliability for UV polishing applications on lithographed and PP plasticized paper, even with not very fresh or good treatments.
Its exceptional adhesion and its flexibility allow applications like creasing and rough edge on the printed area.

vernice uv con glitter If more fastness is required or if the polypropylene PP film has a very bad corona treatment, we suggest you to use an adhesion promoter called Hardener UV-D, that, used in little quantity, increases the adhesion in 24 hours after

printing.UV-RAD 170/43 is a perfect binder for glitter in decorations on lithographed or plasticized cards.