Norcote UV inks

Nor-Cote International Inc. is the American leader for the production of the UV inks. Grafco srl, their Italian distributor, recommends you the following products:


Matte screen print ink from UV crosslinking with 100% of solids, with anti-glare finish, water and solvents resistant, extremely flexible for die cutting and embossing. It can be employed on a wide range of polycarbonate and polyester films and does not contain NVP (N-Vinyl-2-Pyrrolidone).


Norcote IM  series is an NVP free UV crosslinking ink system developed for second surface decoration of Polycarbonate and other plastic films used in IMD applications. The IM –Series inks have good flexibility and durability  and are suitable for use with most forming, trimming and injection molding processes. The IM-049 clear is also suitable for use in the paper and cardboard industry for relief prints when the print needs to get hot lamination.