Spatulas and Mixing Blades

spatole e mescolini inchiostro professionali

Spatulas and mixing blades.

In screen printing , flexo technology and textile printing  the handling of the inks like its mixing and retrieval from the board is made by spatulas and mixing blades.

Grafco selected a few craftsmen who have been professionally working the 18/10 stainless steel for many years, achieving a perfection that enables us to supply you with practically the best tools for the inks preparation. They have no cutting edges that might damage the mesh of the screens used in the flexo printing. The stainless steel doesn’t oxidize and isn’t corroded by the water-based products. These tools are developed to last many years in screen printing , flexo technology and textile printing.     

Available products:


Spatula Mixing Blade


mescolino a spatola visto di lato

mescolino a spatola largo








Mixing blade with through pass metal handle

mescolino a manico passante lato per serigrafia

mescolino per serigrafia a manico passante








Big Spatula Mixing blade

mescolino grande per stampa tessile

mescolino grande per stampa tessile di lato









Knife shape mixing blade

mescolino a coltello con inchiostro

mescolino a coltello per inchiostri