Test equipment

lentini per verifica stampa serigrafia

Thread counter loop:

Foldable loop to check the mesh and  to evaluate the quality of printings in production .   





radiometro UV

UV Radiometer

The UV radiomenter is really important to check the UV lamp status in order to avoid lack of UV curing in production due to a  lamp  failure or consumption.

This instrument is firmly suggested to any screen printing company working with UV inks and varnishes.





Thermometer for tunnel Oven  termometro verifica forni per serigrafia

High precision digital thermometer with a very long probe to verify the temperature of hot-air and IR curing Oven used in textile screen printing. This device is supplied together with an other very thin probe to verify the temperature of the hot presses used for transfer application .





Colormatching Scale bilancia laboratorio

This electronic scale is designed specifically for colormatching with a precision of 0,1 gr and for a maximum weight of 7,1 kg.

This system assure the maximum repeteability.