Screen printing squeegees

racla serigrafica mono e tristrato

Screen printing squeegees

The squeegee is a very important tool for the screen printer. Little alterations of this tool bring great final print quality alterations. The Grafco technicians team selected the best squeegees worldwide, those made out of the most innovative and advanced materials in order to obtain the best technical results and the utmost reliability in screen print.

Urethane Squeegees

racle per stampa in serigrafia rotativa

They are produced with a special vacuum process that enables the polyurethane to reach a higher density than the ones made with the traditional liquid casting process. These squeegees have an excellent resistance to the solvents and UV rays. They also perform very well when re-sharpened processing them with the traditional grinding wheel process.
Their application is also suggested for an industrial use in the aluminium panel and plastics field both with solvent based and UV based inks.
You can also find some special squeegees made for  rotary screen printing machinery like the Gallus.

Apolan squeegeesduo strato apolan per verniciatura UV

USA made squeegees for screen printing produced with a polyurethane high-pressure casting process named  high HPC pressure.

poliuretano speciale per racle da serigrafia

They differ from the other polyurethane because they are pretty transparent. These items achieve the best performances also in difficult  and worth UV varnishing and glass printing, as well as of the membrane keyboard, electronics, conductive inks and solder- resist. Thanks to their structure and solidity they are essential for printing applications with very long print runs like those of the bottles, phials and canisters.

racla per la stampa di flaconi

racle per serigrafia in elettronica

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