Screencoat Phtoemulsions

Grafco srl has developed some photoemulsions for industrial screen printing applications that can get excellent results.

fotoemulsioni per serigrafia screencoat

Screencoat S

Hybrid Diazo-photopolymer light violet photoemulsion studied for the print of solvent inks. It has excellent definition and fastness, even after long runs. It is also unaffected by moisture. If crosslinked by its specific hardener 10 it can be also used for water based inks.

Screencoat WHD

Hybrid Diazo-photopolymer blue photoemulsion, high definition. This product can be also used without its specific hardener, with excellent results. However, in case of long runs and with aggressive products we recommend to crosslink the product with the hardener 10.

Screencoat UNI


This hybrid diazo-photopolymer blue photoemulsion is recommended for solvent inks, UV and Plastisol. It is especially recommended for very long runs.

fotoemulsione per stampa a spessore