Film and photoemulsion Murakami Tokyo

Murakami Inc of Tokyo is a well known manufacturer of high quality capillary film with a really precise and verified  thickness. At present Grafco has in stock the following range of film we firmly suggest  for high quality industrial screen printing like labels and for high relief printing.

15 Micron
20 Micron
25 Micron
30 Micron
40 Micron
50 Micron   ( Suggested for light relief printing in wine labels  )
80 Micron   ( Suggested for a medium relief printing in wine labels )
100 Micron ( Suggested for a high relief printing in wine labels)
150  Micron
200  Micron  ( Braille effect )
300  Micron  ( Braille Effect )
400  Micron  ( Textile High relief 3D effect printing)
700  Micron  ( Textile High relief 3D effect printing)
1000  Micron  ( Gasket printing )

The real advantage in using this film is the repeatability of the thickness of emulsion in any high quality production so you are sure which you can reproduce exactly the same thicknes of ink deposit with the screen printing process selecting the right film, batch after batch.We support technically the clients in order to introduce correctly the application of this   Murakami technology to obtain tough screens able to be used in really long run production  ( More than 20.000 stroke... )