Pröll pad printing inks

Proell inchiostri per serigrafia

Pröll Pad printing inks

The chemical company Pröll has been producing inks since 1936. Over the years they have developed a wide range of solvent based inks specific for the pad printing on various materials.


Very shiny ink for the pad printing on ABS, PVC, Polycarbonate, treated Polyester, aluminium, metals and glass. This product can be used as a monoelement for almost any thermoplastic material, while for rigid surfaces like aluminium it needs its crosslinker.


This monoelement ink can be used both for pad printing and screen printing  performing good adhesion on polypropylene and any polyolefin.


Bielement ink to be used both for pad printing and screen printing to guarantee good outdoor and chemical agents fastness. This product is approved for many applications in the automotive field.


This ink is suitable for flexible PVC, acrylic resins and thermoplastic materials, has a very shiny finishing and is resistant to the outdoor agents.

Noritemp GC

Bicomponent ink for metals and glass. It requires low temperature oven drying and guarantees excellent resistance (up to 50 dishwashing cycles).