Murakami photoemulsions and capillary films

The Japanese company Murakami has been working worldwide for many years in the development of photoemulsions and capillary films for the screen printing. It’s a point of reference to the screen printing professionals who require quality and excellence. Murakami products are employed for any applications, both when a constant quality result and when a very high precision of the Murakami photoemulsions and capillary films lines are required.
Murakami photoemulsions, hybrid technology SBQ for ceramics, decals and textile applications.
Murakami photoemulsions, 100% SBQ technology for applications in electronics and high definition prints in big format.
Murakami MS films for applications for precious labels. These films ensure total repeatability of the lines and of the printing thickness. The available thicknesses go from 12 to 100 micron.
Murakami MS-THICK films for high thickness mesh and complete repeatability for definition and engraving precision. The thickness goes from 150 micron to 1000 micron (1mm).

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