Innovations in prepress technology

The results achieved through the current press technologies are the combination of different experiences and knowledge.

grafcoast presenta le nuove soluzioni per la prestampa in serigrafia

The preprint in screen printing and in flexo has been overlooked in comparison to the offset. Therefore many quality issues in the final results have arisen because of this, next to technical deficiency in print or printing devices.

Grafco has been working for many years on a project called Grafcoast   ( Grafco advanced screening technologies )  that aims to develop new softwares of prepress specifically developed by our staff for the screen print and flexo with advanced solutions for the treatment of the images, solving this way during the pre-print, that is before the printing process, many problems that were impediments to quality and high definition.quadricromia HD in serigrafia
Shades, moiré effects, interference problems have been studied and brilliantly solved by the Grafcoast team, getting remarkable results both in screen print and flexo. (The image on the right is a photo of a sheet printed in screen printing). Also the several presentations and meetings held by the Grafcoast technicians arose considerable participation and interest among the Companies of the graphic filed.

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