Innovations in inks technology

The future of the print technology is subject to the means and possibilities given to the development and research. It is also linked to the availability of new and specific inks for different applications. The screen print is in short a technology of ink deposition with the most even thickness that can actually be applied on any solid surface. The application of the screen print is not restricted to just the decoration of a surface. In fact, given the increasing availability of new inks with functional and not only decorative properties, the range of the new solutions is constantly growing.  For instance:

  • Thermochromic inks

  • Fotochromic inks

  • Electroluminescent inks

  • Conductive inks

  • Resistive inks

  • Luminescent inks

  • Antibacterial inks

  • scratch & smell inks

  • anti-counterfeiting inks 

  • Magnetic inks

  • and etc etc ....

All the above specialty inks can be used for smart products production or for anti counterfeiting printings.

Grafco’s technical staff worked hard on the setting up and also on the technical support to the customers for a perfect use of the of the above inks also knowned like Functional inks or Smart inks , thus achieving a superior knowledge and know how.