Grafco and the environment

The sustainability is for Grafco a very concrete concept.

We believe it is possible to build a world where the economical activities are not damaging to the environment and the planet’s health. We also believe it is very important to work according to a code of conduct that respects human and environmental values.
Any company can be considered eco-friendly if it can combine in a fair way economical, social and environmental factors. This is why we have been committed to working according to sustainability for many years and our actions always consider the following principles:

According to our code of coduct and environmental politics we study every activity and investment.
Before beginning any operation or new product formula we assess its impact on the environment as well as on the consumer’s health and go for the least noxious one.
• We are always updated on the current environmental regulations and keep us informed on the new ones to come.
• We focus our attention on preventing any environmental incident by adopting every possible safety measures.
• We keep everyone who works with us informed and updated on the protection of the environment.
• We promote and share these principles with our suppliers and customers.