Grafco: Passion, experience and competence


Grafco: Passion, experience and competence

Our goal is to always find the perfect solution.

Whether printing on fabric, on a plastic material, on paper, on glass,a label, or if you would like to get a special effect like shiny, matt, embossed, scented, glittery, rough luminescent, we have the solution that combines ink, techniques and good result. Every print is a challenge and the perfect solution is the only result that Grafco can find.

We are specialists in inks and chemicals for printing.

Grafco started working 35 years ago in the distribution and production of screen printing and flexo products always paying special attention to the technical after-sale support.

At first the company was located in the district but then, given the steady increasing amount of work year after year, it moved to the Treviso district where the production too of inks and chemical specialties was started to meet the demand of the industry of this area, very well known for the production of sportswear, footwear and fashion accessories.

As most of the production of the North-East Italy's industrial area was meant for export, ever since the early 90's it became clear that these companies required from Grafco not only excellent products with great adhesion and fastness performances but also very good products that complied with all the regulations and safety requirements of the ink both for the printers and the end consumers all over the world.

These very companies led the Grafco technical staff to keep on studying new formulas to allow higher adhesion, firmness and outdoor resistance performances to be able to keep up with the market’s new materials to be printed in different techniques.

Waterbased, plastisol and silicone-based inks for textile printing  

Solvent-based inks for screen printing on plastics 

Screen printing inks for transfer applications 

UV curable inks and varnishes for paper and cardboard industry

Pad-printing inks

Inks for special applications

The close collaboration between big industries, now multinationals, such as Salomon,Benetton, Tecnica, Lotto etc. and the Grafco technical team has led Grafco screen printing inks to reach such a high quality level that they have becomea reference standard in many industrial sectors, both in Europe and extra- European production areas.

Focusing their attention on the product, the Grafco technical team made a fine selection of the raw materials and at the same time adopted a very restrictive policy in the production department in order not only to maintain the characteristics of the final product batch after batch but also to reduce the waste, the scraps and the rubbish. 

Grafco is a chemical Company that follows sustainability and low environmental impact criteria.